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Slim Dusty

Christmas On The Station (10" LP)

Slim Dusty’s Christmas album, Christmas On The Station, arrives for the first time on 10" vinyl.

Featuring special Christmas messages from Slim and his family from the early 70s, "Christmas On The Station," "Old Time Christmas" and more, the album meshes together Slim’s classic outback balladeer sound and his love for the outback with Christmas music. The result in a unique Christmas record from one of Australia’s most treasured artists.

1. Slim Dusty Christmas Message 1971
2. Santa's Gonna Come In A Mail Coach
3. Christmas On The Station
4. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy (And Daddy Looked A Lot Like Him)
5. Christmas, When I Was Big As You

6. Joy, Anne & David Christmas message 1971
7. Old Time Christmas
8. Silver Spurs
9. Good Old Santa Claus
10. Slim Dusty Christmas Closing Message 1971