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Slim Dusty

G'Day G'Day (CD)

2023 marks 35 years of Slim Dusty’s album, G’Day G’Day. In 1988, Slim Dusty was already 40 years into his illustrious career. Well known for his documentation of the Australian spirit through his music, Slim leant into this further with G’Day G’Day, a cheeky track about how Australian’s like to have conversations with people they’ve just met. In Slim’s own words, just say ‘g’day’ and you’ll be right.

The album is accredited Gold in Australia, and the single remains ingrained in Australian culture as a part of Slim’s enduring legacy and impact on Australian music.

1. G'day G'day
2. Good Old Feed Of Flathead
3. Christmas, When I Was Big As You
4. A Girl From The Land
5. I Can Still Hear Dad Swearing
6. Breakaway
7. How's Your Memory?
8. Sittin' On The Old Front Verandah
9. The Johnsonville Dance
10. Bloody Bonzer Mate
11. The Boss
12. Up The Nulla Road