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Slim Dusty

Gone Fishin' CD


To help celebrate Father’s Day this year a compilation of Slim Dusty’s fishing songs has been gathered for the ultimate Gone Fishin’ album!

Gone Fishin’ will be released on August 20 across all streaming and download platforms and for a limited time on CD. The initial release will see a limited number of CDs made available and for the first time ever for a Slim Dusty album, the packaging will be a special digipack embracing the stunning artwork.

After music, fishing was Slim’s favourite past time.

Reflecting on her father’s love of the outdoors Anne Kirkpatrick says, “Fishing was second nature to dad. As a teenager dad would fish in Nulla Creek 'with a seasoned kurrajong pole' (lyrics from ‘Nulla Creek') and throughout the 60’s he would take time out of the show runs across Queensland and the Territory wherever the fishing was good.”

All fisherman have their special spots and Slim was no different. “I recall dad’s favourite place to fish was at the beautiful Gippsland Lakes where he would catch flathead, bream, flounder and skipjacks,” recalls Kirkpatrick. “No wonder he recorded so many songs about his favourite past time.”


1. Where I'd Sooner Be
2. The Only Time a Fisherman Tells The Truth
3. Good Old Feed of Flathead
4. Mad Joe The Fisherman
5. A Bad Day's Fishin'
6. Another Night in Broome
7. Bunda Waterhole
8. The Frog
9. Catching Yellowbelly (In The Old Barcoo)
10. Why Don't You Just Go Fishing
11. Big Yabbies From The Creek
12. Nulla Creek