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Slim Dusty

Looking Forward Looking Back (LP)

The Looking Forward Looking Back album was a landmark album in so many ways for Slim. Not only was it a historic album for Slim being his 100th album release, but it was also a huge success for the 73 year old Aussie 'King of Country'. The album achieved Top 5 in the ARIA chart (and #1 ARIA Country Chart), triple Platinum album sales and led to Slim winning his first Best Country Album' Award. Slim had previously been presented with ARIA's prestigious Hall of Fame Award and the Special Achievement Award.

Looking Forward Looking Back was celebrated with a special Channel 9 This Is Your Life event presentation by Mike Munro. Remarkably this was the second time the show's producers had honoured Slim with a This Is Your Life tribute (the first was back in 1974). Looking Forward Looking Back celebrated a freshness and new diversity for Australia's Country Music scene both in its writing style and musicality. The album featured a powerful duet with another country music star, Kasey Chambers (on the track Matilda No More). As well as featuring Slim's own songs the album include an eclectic selection of songs written for Slim by Don Walker (Cold Chisel), Norma O’Hara Murphy, Eric Bogle, Peter Denahy, Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson and of course Slim’s wife Joy McKean.

This special vinyl release commemorates the strong legacy Slim left behind for Australia, one which endures through his music and through the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey, NSW. The day of release was June 13 (a date many now affectionately refer to as 'Slim Dusty Day').


1.Looking Forward Looking Back
2.Never Was At All
3.There’s A Rainbow Over The Rock
4.Matilda No More (with Kasey Chambers)
5.The Bloke Who Serves The Beer
6.Paddy William
7.Clean Up Our Own Backyard

1.Old Time Country Songs
2.A Bad Day’s Fishing
3.Port Augusta
4.Good Heavens Above
5.Hooks & Ride
6.Keel Valley Coals
7.Memories & Dreams
8. Looking Forward Looking Back (reprise)