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Slim Dusty

Slim Dusty...Live Into The 90's (CD)

First released in 1992, recorded 1991.


1. G’day G’day
2. I’m Going Back Again To Yarrawonga
3. The Flying Doctors Ball
4. Things Are Not The Same On The Land
5. Auctioneer
6. Lace Up Shoes
7. Catching Yellowbelly (In The Old Barcoo)
8. When The Currawongs Come Down
9. Aussie Doghouse Blues
10. To Whom It May Concern
11. Been A Fool Too Long
12. That’ll Do Me
13. Three Hundred Horses
14. High Dry And Homeless
15. I’m Still Here To Give It My Best
16. Yodel Medley Pt 1) Prairie Loveknot
17. Medley Pt 2) The Valley Where The Frangipanis Grow
18. Medley Pt 3) My Sunset Home
19. Medley Pt 4) Yodel Down The Valley
20. Lights On The Hill
21. Losin’ My Blues Tonight