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Slim Dusty

The Den Tapes (LP)

Featuring all previously unreleased recordings by Australia’s legendary King of Country.

The Den Tapes is a 10 song collection of previously unreleased solo material recorded on cassette by Slim himself in his small office ‘den’ at home. These unique solo acoustic recordings show Slim’s raw talent at its very best.

1. Move Along Baldy
2. Good Old Droving Days
3. Rocky Ned
4. Old Boko & Me
5. Rover No More
6. Where the White Faced Cattle Roam
7. You’ll Never Be Missed
8. Just Plain Folk
9. My Old Pal
10. Murrumbidgee Jack

His relaxed performances on this collection of home recordings are pure and simply brilliant...and it is simply Slim’s voice and a guitar!

For posterity no doubt, sometime in the late 90's Slim started recording and collating these private recordings of his favourite songs from his youth, traditional Aussie songs which he grew up listening to back on his family farm, songs which probably inspired and shaped his own future musical direction. Slim's longtime producer Rod Coe discovered this personal collection of solo recordings on a single cassette by sheer accident when looking for something else in Slim’s Den.

To quote Slim's wife and songwriter Joy McKean: “The songs you have here are some of those he heard and learned from the radio and the old portable gramophone when he was just a quiet country boy up in the isolated Nulla Nulla Creek. Many decades later, as a nationally known and loved singer and travelling showman, he still turned to the old songs for the pure enjoyment of singing them”.

Leaving the final comments on The Den Tapes to Slim’s wife, Joy McKean says, “These recordings reveal a very happy album; a man and his guitar, singing for the absolute joy of it…just singing”.